I love technology and building companies.  From my first role as an engineer at Netscape working on Virtual Reality, through stints with Fortune 500's to CEO of my own company I have provided band aids for the bleeding edge - I make internet technology accessible, useful and profitable. 

Raised in Limerick, Ireland I attended the University of Limerick and graduated with honours in IT and telecommunications.  I worked in Silicon Valley from 1996 to 2000 and then moved to Australia from 2000 to 2017 when I moved back to Ireland with my young family.



Realar is an exciting company leveraging Augmented Reality to enable life size walkthroughs of architectural models.  I'm the co-founder and leading the product and technical development.


Shojo is hardware and software to bring beer tap decals to life.  Made from milled aluminium the rugged display attaches to a bar tap and displays rich content about the beer on tap.  Many craft breweries have interesting stories to tell and Shojo is the perfect
way to tell it. I created all the software for the single board computer inside the display.

Alligator Hour box

The Alligator hour is a radio show on Apple Music.  On a family camping holiday I was playing it through a convoluted set up of powerbacks, bluetooth, google drive and more.  I then set about creating a single use box, the Alligator Hour box, which has one job - to play the Alligator hour.  It has 2 controls - play/pause with a brass toggle switch and volume with a brass volume knob.  The box is custom made with laser cut wood, faux alligator skin (!), machined brass, a Raspberry PI, amp and other bits.  The idea was to give it the look of a 70's guitar amp customized for someone with no taste.


Adomatic was a clever service which analysed (still image) ads and animated them automatically using AI and image processing.  Adomatic could find calls to action, headlines, terms and conditions, backgrounds and other interesting elements.  It would then animate them to different themes and export them as video or HTML5 ads.  Adomatic was ahead of its time but also a difficult concept to explain and was shutdown in 2017.


Oomph was and probably still is the best digital publishing software for creating interactive magazines for tablets.  Oomph was embraced by magazine publishers especially in Australia and has won many awards.  It was very powerful while being very simple.  As co-founder and CEO I went on an extraordinary 9 year journey with Oomph which was known as Mogeneration in the early days.  Oomph was sold to one of our primary customers in 2017.

Media appearances

Over my career I have occasionally been asked to comment on emerging technology especially smart phones, apps, start ups and Augmented Reality.  I have been interviewed on or contributed to ABC (Australia),  Forbes, B&T,  Sydney Morning Herald and many more specialised outlets.